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In 2003 a new star appears on the melodic-hardcore-sky: „Today Forever“, five guys from central Germany start to share their creativity with the world. Quickly some demo-CD is published, later in 2006 the first longplayer on the US-label Strike First Records/ Facedown Records is released: „The new pathetic“. The listener is confronted with breathless breaks, tempi-change and energy-packed songstructures, every song is a unique experience. New school hardcore, rock and especially metal are the ingredients that are woven together to emotional hymns. In the following years Today Forever win profound experience in hundreds of live-shows with headliners like Comeback Kid, Modern Life is War, Norma Jean and Underoath. 2006 leads them to a six-week tour through the US, followed by a tour in Germany where they support Silverstein. Appearances as support for Ignite, Sick of it all, Terror and others complete the experience and cause them to be known to a broader public. In 2008 Today Forever are touring Europe with Silverstein. During this period, they are playing more than 250 shows and record two music videos, among them Pinpoint the Shift, that is initially released 2009 on „Profound Measures“. „Profound Measures“ can be seen as a consequent further development of the debut from 2006, twists and breaks remain typical elements, enwrapped in melodic parts. Some really short songs approach like a thunderstorm and leave the listener refreshed and purged. The period to the next album 2012 is signed with incisions, breaks and enduring changes, both personally and also within the band. The spirit of „Relationshipwrecks“ is light despite some dismal parts. The band knows that it is inevitable to face pain and loss – not only in relationships – to process the experience into hope. In terms of music-style Today Forever develop their genuine mixture of melody and aggressivity. For the album „Relationshipwrecks“ they were able to recruit their colleague Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid/ Sights & Sound), Billy Hamilton (Silverstein) and finally Scott Wade (ex-Comeback Kid) to support them with some vocal contribution. After the release of this album, the band decides to split with drummer Tim Schütz. He is replaced by Florian Pieper (today: Ryker's) for almost two years, followed by Jan Erichson, who was already on stage with the band as a replacement since 2013.
In July 2016 the EP „Derangement“ is released, with its nine new tracks almost a longplayer.

Artist Member

Christian Besteck - Gesang
Jan Erichson - Drums
Marco Engelhardt - Bass
Manuel Otto - Gitarre
David Glöckner – Gitarre

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Title: Derangement
Cat.-No.: BE098
Releasedate: 2016-07-15

1. Final Remark
2. Agency
3. Tons of Regret
4. Elevator Stuck
5. New Sincerity
6. Rocket of Love
7. Pushing the River
8. Heartless Clones
9. One for Whatever

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